In November 2020, Oregon state made the groundbreaking decision to decriminalize all drugs.   Oregonians passed Ballot Measure 110, also known as the Drug Decriminalization and Addiction Treatment Initiative. This initiative decriminalized possession of heroin, methamphetamine, LSD, oxycodone and other previously scheduled drugs in small quantities. It also passed Oregon’s Measure 109 which will give legal access to psilocybin, the main active ingredient in 'magic mushrooms,' for mental health treatment in supervised settings.

This is a huge step forward for both the psychedelic therapy community as well as the harm reduction community, offering more options for addicts to get treatment instead of stigmatizing addiction. The criminal element of drug use often attaches for life, making it harder for those who have received drug sentences to find jobs or housing. ​

This measure could be the opportunity needed for addicts and users to pull themselves out of the cycle of drug-related criminality.

The Drug Policy Alliance, among other decriminalization and legalization advocates, point to Portugal, where all drugs have been decriminalized for the last two decades. Drug use rates in Portugal have remained lower than the average use rates in Europe, and far lower than those in the U.S. — even while Portugal has suffered through years of heightened economic crisis and extreme spikes in unemployment. Meanwhile, rates of HIV infection have fallen, from 1,575 cases in 2000 to 78 cases in 2013. Following decriminalization, arrest rates for drug-related offenses dropped by 60 percent, while the number of people enrolled in drug treatment programs increased by 60 percent in turn. The number of annual drug overdose deaths has plummeted. - The Intercept

The distinction between the decriminalization of drugs in Oregon and the legalization of psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, is an important one. Measure 109 would not only eliminate the fear of criminal punishment for possession of psilocybin but it will also open the door to safe and legal psychedelic therapy. Hopefully, in 2021 we will see other plant medicine, such as ayahuasca, to be explored and legalized as well for it's therapeutic value. 

We are always thrilled to hear of the United States embracing the therapeutic value fo psychedelic plants. We hope to someday offer retreats and ceremonies in Oregon and other areas of the states, but until then, we strongly urge anyone looking to participate in ayahuasca ceremonies in the United States to find a qualified and reputable center or facilitator to work with. Or, if your journey takes you to Costa Rica, we will be here.



Quality Retreats

since 2014

Over the years we have worked hard to develop quality ayahuasca retreats that encompass a range of healing modalities for the highest therapeutic value without feeling overwhelming or rushing too much into a short amount of time. Our belief in QUALITY over QUANTITY can be seen in many different aspects of our retreats. We have had the opportunity to observe what works and what doesn't in our programs and with that knowledge we have developed our retreats with some key factors that make us stand out against the crowd.


From offering always private rooms and intimate group sizes to serving potent brew with a skilled and qualified ayahausquero, we have considered every detail. 


Private Rooms - 

Our center is designed to feel like home. It is decorated and furnished like home because that's what it is, our home. Jeanae and Matt live on site year round and are constantly making updates to the center to make it more comfortable for every guest. We offer all private rooms with complete en suite bathrooms. Each new queen bed is fitted with quality sheets and comforter plus 4 lush pillows. Each guest is proved with 2 thick and soft bath towels, a wash cloth, shampoo and conditioner.

Our common areas offer plenty of places to lounge or socialize but the facility and property are expansive enough that its easy to find spaces to be alone for quiet reflection. 

We have put care into every detail. Our center is far from your typical jungle experience but also not a 5-star luxury resort. We offer a comfortable medium of comfort and quality without being too basic or lavish. 

We are sure you will feel at home.



What is a shaman?

We often get asked 'do you have a real shaman?' and our response is always 'well what is a real shaman?' Our ayahusquero Matt, would never call himself a shaman (which is actually a Siberian word) but he has been a practicing ayahuasquero for years and has facilitated hundreds of ceremonies. Matt travels to Peru every few months to continue his training under the guidance of world renown shaman Don Ron Wheelock 'The gringo shaman of Amazon.'

Matt has completed many traditional plant dietas in the jungle of Iquitos, Peru but feels that in this type of work you are never done learning, you never reach a point where you can say 'Ok, I'm a shaman now.' Matt has made a lifelong commitment to working with ayahuasca and his connection to the medicine is clear. In every ceremony Matt sings strong and grounding Icaros, plays the guitar, drum and gong.



To ensure the safety of all our guests, we require each potential participant complete a medical screening over the phone with Matt. The medical screening will give us an idea of your overall health and will help us determine if you are a safe candidate for ayahuasca therapy. It also gives Matt, our ayahuasquero, a chance to speak with each participant personally, to develop a relationship and answer any questions you may have.

In addition to conducting a thorough medical screening, Matt and Jeanae are both trained in CPR. New Life Ayahuasca is equipped with an AED machine, which our staff is trained to use.