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Peruvian Traditions and over a decade of ceremonial experience.

Matt and Jeanae have been partners in ceremonial work since 2014. Together they continue to dedicated themselves to their craft by completeting master plant dietas every year under the guidance of their teacher, famed shaman Don Ron Wheelock, the 'Gringo Shaman' of Peru. Don Ron was a student of two indegnious maestors: Don Augstin Rivas Vasquez and Don Jose Coral Mori. Don Jose was also the teacher of Pablo Amaringo and Eduardo Luna, the authors of 'Ayahuasca Visions'. Matt and Jeanae are fortunate to have been passed down Icaros and wisdom through a long lineage of powerful Peruvian healers.

The primary function of the ayahusquero is to interact with the spiritual realm through altered states of conciouslness while guiding the experience through songs, or Icaros. Matt and Jeanae have spent years gaining the support of many spiritual allies and protectors. Throught their experience with ayahusca and extentensie time in the Amazon doing dietas, they have learned to navigate ceremonial energy, communicate with spirits, sing medicine songs, and hold a safe container for all participants. 

At New Life Ayahuasca, Jeanae and Matt sing songs that have been passed through generations as well as their own unique Icaros which were gifted by the spirit of ayahuasca of other master plants they've worked with. The ceremonies also include the use of guitar, drums, gong, singing bowls, kalimba, and flute.

Matthew possesses a strong intuition and is highly sensitive to energetic subtleties. These skills allow him to adapt the songs of the ceremony to meet the energy needs of the room. Jeanae has a very gentle and nurturing energy. Her singing and flute playing invite softness into the space. Matthew brings a grounded masculine energy while Jeanae brings a motherly feminine energy, creating a perfect balance and play between the two polarities.




From heroin addicts to ayahuasqueros, learn how Matt and Jeanae got involved in work with plant medicine, created New Life Ayahausca Retreat, and grew into the most reputable and highest rated retreat in Costa Rica.

Our ayahuasca Costa Rica ceremonies are done with respect to the Peruvian traditions, are offered in darkness, and are guided through song. Participants sit in silence while Matthew and Jeanae expertly prepare the sacred ceremonial space with the use of mapacho and intention to cleanse the space and create a barrier of protection.


Each participant is offered a dose of ayahuasca. We sit together in silence for 30 minutes and once the medicine begins to take effect, Matthew will begin to sing. An hour into the ceremony we offer the opportunity to drink more medicine to ensure you have a full ayahuasca experience.


The ceremony lasts about 4 hours. Matthew and Jeanae will close the ceremony with mapacho, blowing smoke on each individual to close the chakras and seal the night. 


After the ceremony, we have a cleansing fire under the stars and make sure everyone gets safely to their rooms.


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