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Located less than one mile from the beach, our natural sanctuary is nestled in a tropical oasis. We have an expansive property featuring a gorgeous infinity pool, hiking trails, natural waterfalls, a communal fire pit, ceremonial space, and lounge areas.

We chose this space for our retreats because of its eco-sustainability and regenerative practices.


  • Recycled materials artwork

  • Breathtaking ocean views​

  • Private waterfall

  • Miles of private nature trails.

  • Wifi / AC / Hot Water

  • Wall art from local artisans

  • Minimal building footprint

  • Reuse of scrap metal for furnishings and recycling bins

  • No trees cut down ​

  • Rainwater harvested from roofs for farm irrigation

  • Styrofoam packing insulation

  • Recycled plastic decking