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Discover the ancient healing power of ayahuasca.

Reconnect with your higher self through our transformative ayahuasca Costa Rica retreat. Ayahuasca is a powerful sacred plant medicine that helps us reach our full potential by freeing us from self-limiting beliefs and destructive thought patterns. She invites us to confront and integrate all aspects of ourselves by embracing the light and dark energies within each of us. By acknowledging these contrasting energies we practice radical self-acceptance that is the catalyst for profound growth and the foundation for self-love.


Our therapeutic journey is created to support healing, release, and restoration through honest self-reflection and by fostering a profound connection to spirit. After more than a decade of working with ayahuasca, we have fine-tuned our ayahuasca retreat Costa Rica program to offer a variety of complementary healing modalities. From our ayahuasca ceremonies guided by ayahuasqueros trained in the Peruvian Mestizo traditions to Hatha yoga sessions, massage therapy, group sharing circles, nature therapy, nutritional meals, and airport transfers, we have considered every element to best support you on your journey.​​​​

We hope you will join us.

Ayahuasca Costa Rica is a way to heal yourself.

geometric pattern on the ceiling of the ayahuasca retreat maloca



Blue Zones are geographical areas where populations have longer life spans and lower rates of disease that the rest of the world. There are only 5 of these regions globally and we are in one! Some of the factors credited to the longevity of life in these regions are an active lifestyle and a connection to the environment and community. We can learn a lot by observing our routines and being aware of the impact our consumption has on the earth.

At our eco-retreat we are intentional about the relationship we have with the natural world. Ayahuasca, a medicine from the earth, teaches us to value the resources we have and the gifts the earth provides. While we offer the comforts of air-conditioning and a pool, we do all we can to minimize our impact on the local ecosystem by utilizing recycling practices, turning off lights and A/C when not in use and utilizing natural building materials wherever possible.

An ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica is the perfect place to begin to deepen your connection the natural world as you deepen your connection to self. She acts a s bridge between worlds, both the physical to spiritual and the modern to our ancestors. Through this reflection we see that we are connected, all as one.

Discover our healing Ayahuasca Costa Rica retreat at our ecosactuary oasis.

topical ayahuascca retreat with people in pool with palm trees
costa rica plants flowers and plam trees


Our all-inclusive Ayahuasca retreat Costa Rica is offered year-round at our eco-conscious tropical oasis.

Check our Calendar to find the retreat that works best for you.


  • ​​​$2900 - SINGLE SHARED CABIN   (1 person in a private room. The cabin and bathroom are shared with 1 other guest of matching gender)

  • $3300 - SINGLE PRIVATE CABIN    (1 person in a private cabin with private bathroom)

  • $5500 - COUPLES KING CABIN -   (price for 2 people in a private cabin with king bed and private bathroom.)

2 Ceremonies


  • ​​​$3500 - SINGLE SHARED CABIN   (1 person in a private room. The cabin and bathroom are shared with 1 other guest of matching gender)

  • $3900 - SINGLE PRIVATE CABIN    (1 person in a private cabin with private bathroom)

  • $6500 - COUPLES KING CABIN -   (price for 2 people in a private cabin with king bed and private bathroom.)

3 Ceremonies



SINCE 2014

Matthew and I have been partners in this work for over a decade. Plant medicine brought us together in 2014 and we've been dedicated to this path ever since. Everything in our lives has been shaped by Ayahuasca. Not only did she lift us from our darkest moments after years of battling addiction, but she gave us the purest gift of love in finding each other.


We've had our share of ups and downs. Things haven't always been easy. It's been a long road and we've had to navigate many personal and professional challenges over the years. But at the end of the day, ayahuasca has helped us cultivate a deep love rooted in mutual respect, support, and admiration. We've turned to her to help us through trials of marriage and personal doubt. It's because of this work that we've been able to grow stronger as individuals and as partners, lovers, and best friends.


We hear all the time from guests that they don't understand how we can do this work, and while we love to help others, the truth is that it's just a happy by-product of helping ourselves. It's our hope that as we continue to heal, we are able to better support you in your own healing.


Working with ayahuasca is truly humbling. It's not a responsibility we take lightly. Our ayahuasca retreat Costa Rica program is designed to give you a curated balance of support and space.


Thank you for letting us share the magic.

Ayahuasca Costa Rica has been a gift to us through the years and we will forever be indebted for all the gifs we have received.

ayahuasca retreat shaman matthew and jeanae in the maloca



ayahuasca shaman costa rica

Our ceremonies guide you through the Ayahuasca experience in a safe and therapeutic atmosphere that encourages each participant to explore and journey within themselves, to confront the darkness, and embrace the light.  It is only through this duality and embracing all parts of ourselves that we can truly know ourselves and find balance. 

Our Ayahuasqueros Matt and Jeanae lead all of our ceremonies. Matt has been involved with plant medicine since 2011, first with Ibogaine in Mexico on HBO's VICE and then again in Costa Rica. Jeanae was introduced to Ayahuasca in 2014 and shortly after they both felt called to go deeper and learn more about the traditional practices of Ayahuasca, so they started traveling to Peru and began an apprenticeship under famed shaman Don Ron Wheelock.


Matt and Jeanae have completed many master plant dietas, have facilitated hundreds of ceremonies, and have evolved into strong and compassionate ceremonial leaders. 

Our ceremonies are performed in darkness and are guided by Icaros, or medicine songs. Each ceremony begins with cleansing rituals to prepare the space. From there, the night is guided through Matthew's powerful Icaros accompanied by Jeanae and a variety of other instruments. 


Matt and Jeanae drink Ayahuasca at every ceremony so they can navigate and guide the energy of the space. A minimum of 2 additional helpers are always there to assist as needed.

Ayahuasca Costa Rica Ceremonies can help you tap into your own power and heal your pain.

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Proper ayahuasca preparation can set you up to get the most benefit during and after an ayahuasca Costa Rica retreat. There are steps you can follow that will offer you the most support as you prepare for your ayahuasca retreat and your healing journey.


Ayahuasca Integration is the action that helps maximize the benefits of ayahuasca Costa Rica experiences once you return home. There are several tools you can use to build a foundation on which the growth initiated during the retreat can continue to flourish.

ayahuasca ceremony with matthew in the center with guests in a circle aroud him



We have witnessed the incredible healing power of ayahuasca firsthand. Our guests have experienced profound benefits and had their lives transformed with this sacred plant medicine. Ayahuasca can help you reconnect to your spirit and release traumas or behaviors that are not serving your greatest good. Psychedelic-assisted therapy has been gaining momentum as a promising treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction. Plant medicines like Ayahuasca allow us to reset our perspective and allows us to reflect on our past experiences/traumas/histories in a different light to move forward without the weight and burdens of the past. This allows us to find peace in life.  

Our ayahuasca Costa Rica retreat incorporates a blend of additional healing modalities such as hatha yoga sessions, therapeutic massage, nature immersion, and group sharing circles to compliment your Ayahuasca experience and offer you the highest healing potential. All this is offered in a small group setting so that you can connect deeply with the group and form bonds that last lifetimes.

Ayahuasca retreat Costa Rica has a multitude of benefits that can help you learn how to love yourself and become a better person. 

Discover the benefits of ayahuasca Costa Rica in a scerene tropical environement.




Limited to just 14 participants, our retreat provides an intimate setting where genuine connections flourish and enduring bonds are created. By celebrating our vulnerabilities and fostering genuine connections, we embrace the full spectrum of our human experience and together we support each other on the path of healing.

We have carefully tailored our retreat to provide a memorable and therapeutic experience for all our guests. For more than a decade we have been adjusting our ayahuasca Costa Rica program for the most healing benefit.


Our highest priority is making you feel supported, safe, secure, and comfortable throughout the Ayahuasca experience.

Explore over 300 review testimonials and videos from past Ayahuasca retreat participants.

Join our next ayahuasca costa rica retreat to have an experience that will change your life!

ayahuasca retreat small group at the beach



Ayahuasca is safe when used properly, however, there are known risks associated with its use.


The primary safety concern is with interactions between Ayahuasca and other drugs/medications which could have adverse interactions or even fatal consequences. To ensure the safety of all our guests, we require every participant to complete a medical questionnaire over the phone before booking. In addition to the screening protocol, New Life Ayahuasca Costa Rica retreat center is equipped with emergency medical equipment such as an AED (automatic electronic defibrillator) and emergency medications. Jeanae and Matthew are certified in CPR and AED use. We always have 2 assistants at every ceremony to respond when needed. 

Beyond physical safety, we safeguard our energetic space. Our training has equipped us with the ability to hold a ceremonial space with expertise and care. We use spirit allies for protection and possess the knowledge of when and how to interact with any spirits or entities that may enter the ceremonial space. As part of our mission to provide safe experiences, we limit our groups so that the ceremonial container can be maintained through the powerful energetic exchange not only from Ayahuasca but by each participant in the group.




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