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Our experience is all-inclusive, with no additional fees or hidden costs. The Ayahuasca Costa Rica retreat is a carefully curated program covering all your needs. From meals to ceremonial guidance, we take the time to ensure everything is provided for you to have a safe and meaningful experience.


The pricing covers everything below. The Ayahuasca ceremonies, food, accommodations, yoga, beach trips, transportation, etc. are all included in the price.


The only thing that is NOT included in the price is airfare.



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  • $2900 - PRIVATE ROOM - Single private room in a shared cabin. Bathroom and porch are shared (2 people per cabin).

  • $3300 - PRIVATE CABIN - Full sized bed with private bathroom and porch.


  • $5500 - PRIVATE COUPLES CABIN - King sized bed with private bathroom and porch.


2 Ceremonies

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  • $3500 - PRIVATE ROOM - Single private room in a shared cabin. Bathroom and porch are shared (2 people per cabin).

  • $3900 - PRIVATE CABIN - Full sized bed with private bathroom and porch.


  • $6500 - PRIVATE COUPLES CABIN - King sized bed with private bathroom and porch.


3 Ceremonies



We want you to understand our pricing structure. When researching Ayahuasca retreats you will find extreme cost variations from one retreat to another. These discrepancies can be confusing so we would like to make sure our guests understand why our prices are what they are. We try to keep our prices reasonable with consideration of the expense of running the retreat.

Culturally, we’ve been programmed to believe that higher-priced items/experiences intrinsically have a higher value/quality. To some extent, the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is true. However, with the growing popularity of Ayahuasca, there is no shortage of places popping up that are hoping to cash in despite having very little experience or proper training. As more and more ‘luxury’ Ayahuasca retreats are opening in Costa Rica and Ayahuasca retreat prices surge, we are getting more and more people contacting us and wondering – “Why are your prices cheaper than most of the rest?”

There are a lot of expenses that go into running a retreat and we understand that sometimes there is a bit of ‘sticker shock’ when seeing retreat prices but a large majority of those prices can be explained and justified. At the same time, when you look at places that are charging upward of $6000 and taking groups of 20 – 90 people, it’s pretty clear to see that the operation is money-motivated. You can read this blog which goes more in depth about ayahuasca pricing considerations of what to look for but here we just want to clarify and have transparency about what we charge and why we charge it.

Simply, we do this work because we are passionate about it and we are indebted to Ayahuasca for all she has given us in our lives. We are not profit-driven, but we do need to be able to support ourselves and our staff in this work as our full-time job and sole source of income.



First, Costa Rica is a very expensive country so you will find that prices here are typically about 3 times more expensive than retreats you find in Peru. Factored into that are the general business expenses of property rentals/fees, groceries, and transportation fees.


Then we have the costs of the medicine itself. Harvesting the plants used to make the medicine along with the lengthy, multi-day process of brewing the ayahuasca are both incredibly labor-intensive and time-consuming processes. Our teacher, who makes all our medicine in Peru, is 70 years old. He dedicates days of his time to cook the brew with the assistance of local helpers (that he also pays) to provide us with quality medicine. We make sure to compensate him well for his effort and expertise so that he can also continue to offer work to the members of his community.


We have compensation for our team members. We are a small retreat and while we don’t have a large or expansive staff, we do want to make sure our little team feels apricated and is able to support themselves from this work without having to supplement with additional work during our time off. Running these retreats is an enormous effort on the part of everyone involved and because we have a small team we all fill many different roles. Our time off is necessary to rest and have an energetic reset before the next group. Our staff payments ensure that we are able to support our team so they can be present to support our guests at every retreat without feeing burned out.


We have monthly expenses for our website maintenance, website fees & payment processing fees and general updates/upgrades to our retreat space.


We have expenses that go toward our ongoing education and training every year in Peru including flights and accommodations, payments to our teacher for his guidance and making sure that all of our costs are covered at home while we are gone (rent, bills, housekeeper, pet care, etc.)


And lastly, we have the payment that goes toward our savings. We hope to own our own retreat someday and because we don’t have ‘typical jobs’ we need to be extra careful about having an emergency fund and saving for potential retirement someday as we aren’t paying into any 401k or IRA every month. This work is very beautiful but it's also demanding. We work long hours during the retreats and sacrifice a lot but honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. However, we also need to be able to sustain ourselves between each retreat during our ‘time off’ so we can continue to put all of our love, care and focus into these retreats.

In summary- our prices break down as follows: 45% general retreat operating expenses (rent, food, transportation, website, and fees), 15% staff payments,15% medicine/continuing education costs, 15% general living expenses, and 10% into savings.

Aerial View from Beach in Costa Rica at the Caribbean between Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo.


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