What is the Ayahuasca Diet? 

The ayahuasca diet, also called the 'dieta' in the jungle, is a set of dietary restrictions implemented for a period of time before drinking ayahuasca. The dieta regulations can change depending on the village, tradition and ayahuasquero but almost always includes the following restrictions:








The ayahuasca diet is implemented as a spiritual preparation. The diet is not just about avoiding certain foods but is about discipline, sacrifice, and commitment. The ayahuasca diet restrictions are in place to help cleanse the body so the plant medicine can work most efficiently. The diet restricts many spices, salt, pepper, oils, etc. It also includes abstinence from sex, sexual activity, drugs, and alcohol. The idea is that lack of excitement/stimulus/pleasure can lead to a heightened sensitivity to the spirit of ayahuasca.


At New Life Ayahuasca, we are not very strict on the diet. We were taught that dietas are used when an individual is training to work with ayahuasca as a facilitator or when trying to cure the body of ailments/disease, in which case we recommend finding a reputable and knowledgeable curandero or vegetalisto - one who heals with plants.

In the western world, it is almost impossible to adhere to the diet completely. There are salts and sugars hidden in all kinds of foods. In a fast-paced society, we often rely on eating takeout, at restaurants, or prepackaged meals. If you try to follow all the dieta regulations you find online, you're left with almost nothing to eat!


Our philosophy is that following the diet mean bringing awareness into what you eat, how often you eat, and why you eat. Try to make healthier decisions and eat primarily whole foods. Even small changes can make a big difference in overall health and for us, this satisfies the spiritual aspects of discipline, sacrifice, and commitment.

We let each guest choose on their own level of dedication and rigidness they apply to follow the ayahuasca diet. All the meals served during the retreat are vegan, full of fresh fruits and vegetables and adhere to a basic ayahuasca diet.

We Advise:

Restricted for 7 days prior to arrival-


  • Drug Use – includes prescription drugs and recreational drugs

  • Alcohol


Restricted for 3 days prior to arrival-

  • Salt (fine in moderation)

  • Artificial Sugars or Sweeteners

  • Red Meat (Chicken okay)

  • Pork

  • Animal Fats

  • All Fermented foods

  • Dairy Products (Eggs okay)

  • Caffeine (coffee/tea are okay in moderation no cream or sugar)

  • Hot spices/peppers

  • Processed Foods

  • Fried Foods

In regard to Medications

Part of the diet is also in regards to medication. Please disclose all medications/medical conditions during the screeninging process. Saftety is our highest priority. 

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