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Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning for your Spirit

Here are some tips to help clear your energetic house (inside and out) as we celebrate the Spring Equinox and move into the next season of the year.

1. Clean your physical space – Sweep, vacuum, mop, dust and decrease clutter. Make sure every item in your home has a purpose and an intentional place. If it doesn’t, pack it up or donate it. Get into all the nooks and crannies. Clean the windows so the light can come in and you have a clear view of the blooming world outside. Create a space that feels calm and orderly to you, a space that promotes your tranquility. It might seem overwhelming sometimes, I understand! We just moved and I feel like no matter how much I work each day there are still stacks of things in every corner, but it's just a little at a time. Every day it gets a little easier.

2. Smudge – Smudging is a ceremonial practice used by indigenous peoples for cleaning energy. Burning sage can help clear the energetic space of your home, bedroom, and work area. Energy can linger and become stagnant, burning sage can help rid your space of unwanted energy that’s been built up over time. The ceremonial act of burning sage honors the elements – Earth (the sage), Fire (lighting the sage), Air (the smoke), and Water (the shell, which is the traditional holder to rest the sage). First, open all your windows and then light your sage, direct the smoke into all the corners of your room, giving extra attention to any specific objects and also making sure to sage yourself at the end.

3. Aromatherapy – Sage falls into this category as well, but its an acquired smell and not everyone loves it. After clearing your space, you want to invite in a smell that feels soothing to you, maybe your favorite candle, some incense, or an essential oil blend. Nag Champa incense will always have a comforting and calming effect on me and sandalwood is my go-to for oil.

4. Salt Baths - You can use Himalayan salt, Sea salt, Epson salt, or a combination with essential oils. Throw in a little eucalyptus to clear the nasal and sinus cavities and let the salt soak in and penetrate your cells. Salt has been a tool for spiritual protection and cleansing for thousands of years. Water is a healing and cleansing tool as well, and an intentionally prepared salt bath can feel like a baptism, a renewal of the soul.

5. Daily Morning Ritual – Start your day intentionally. Before you jump on the phone, try to take at least 5 minutes for a mini-meditation/ gratitude practice. This could be many things: journaling, listing to a guided meditation, sitting in silent reflection of how you’re feeling today, connecting to an affirmation, setting an intention for the day, preparing your to-do list, watering your plants, sitting outside with your morning tea/coffee and listening to the birds or even a quick stretching sequence. Something that starts your day off peaceful and grounded instead of jumping straight into the news or social media.

6. Daily Movement Practice – Move your body! I know I live in Costa Rica now but I grew up in Chicago and boy do I remember those brutal winters. It's so hard to feel motivated to exercise when its cold, dark and gloomy outside. Spring is such a gift! Go out for a walk, take a bike ride with a friend, sign up for a yoga class or do an online video in the comfort of your own home. Like the tin man oiling up his rusted joints, start incorporating movement into your day and waking up the body. Movement helps us process and release energy and emotions. It’s a really powerful nonverbal way to help us integrate our experiences.

7. Daily Evening Ritual – End your day with as much intention as your start it. This one is extra hard because maybe by the end of the day you’re spent from work, family, kids, or whatever and you just want to veg out and watch your favorite show or scroll through your phone. It’s a routine that is easy to fall into, a spiritual ‘checking-out’ at the end of the day. Be mindful of your nighttime habits, try to incorporate an activity that brings your day full circle and to a close. Maybe take note of moments in the day when you felt peaceful when you experienced joy or laughter, or areas that you struggled with and how you responded to those situations. The first step in change is always an awareness of our actions and our responses.

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