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If you're researching ayahuasca in Costa Rica you might be wondering about the drastically different prices offered at various retreats. First you will notice that prices of ayahuasca retreats in Costa Rica are typially about 3 times the cost of those found in Peru, Brazil Ecuador or Mexico. This is because Costa Rica has a much higher cost of living and retreat centers must consider that when determining their program pricing. The cost for a week-long ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica with 3 ceremonies can range from about $2000 on the low end and go all the way up to around $9000 on the high end. 

The drastic price difference can usually be attributed to different degrees of accommodation, amenities, and additional services offered but sometimes there is no justification for 'luxury' pricing other than being purely profit-driven.

You may find ayahuasca retreats in the $2000 range for 7 days with 3 ceremonies, but you will likely have shared accommodations, shared bathrooms, a rustic location, and a high participant-to-facilitator ratio. Even in the $3000 price range, you will often be looking at shared accommodations for a week-long retreat, although the number of participants to facilitators is usually lower and accomodations may be higher end.

When you get into prices of $5000 and above, it's usually considered a 'luxury' retreat and you pay a premium to have pampered services and accommodations. However, when you see places that are charging upward of $6000 and taking groups of 20 – 90 people, it is clear to see that the operation is money-motivated. 

New Life Ayahuasca tries to find a balance in our prices so that our retreats can be accessible to people from all walks of life.

. Our prices range from $2900 - $3900.

We offer private rooms and our retreats will never exceed 14 participants. 


Powerful ayahuasca ceremonies expertly led by traditionally trained facilitators.

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Stress-free transition to the retreat with SJO Airport Transfers at designated times.


Hatha Yoga Sessions suitable for all levels are offered on each ceremony day.

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Beach Trips

Located in on the Pacific Coast, we visit one of Costa Rica's gorgeous beaches.


With a maximum of 14 participants per group,  we can offer individual support.


Nutritious and flavorful meals are provided using local fruits and vegetables.



New Life Ayahuasca was formed in 2014 by Matthew and Jeanae. They met in Costa Rica by chance, attending the same ibogaine treatment facility for opiate dependency.  After ibogaine, they continued their journey of personal healing by participating in ayahuasca ceremonies.


Through the power of plant medicine, both Matthew and Jeanae were able to completely transform their lives. They transitioned from lives consumed by depression, hopelessness, and misery to a life of beauty, joy, and overwhelming love.

Empowered by the medicine and enchanted by the beauty of Costa Rica, they both risked everything to establish themselves in a foreign country while rededicating their lives to helping others. 


It is with a deep and humble respect for sacred plant medicine that the vision of New Life Ayahuasca was born. 


Costa Rica is the perfect place for an ayahuasca retreat. The nature, beauty and laid back atmosphere contribute to the therapeutic value of our ayahuasca retreats. Costa Rica has an easy-going culture with the country motto “Pura Vida” which translates to “Pure Life.” The weather is perfect year-round, with average temperatures around 80 degrees. 


Costa Rica has two seasons 


- GREEN SEASON (June - November) is also known as the rainy season. It's wonderful this time of year because everything is so green and in bloom! The mornings start out sunny and the rain comes in throughout the day. There are more bugs this time of year.

- DRY SEASON (December - May) is great because it doesn’t rain at all for almost 6 months, meaning sunshine all day long, clear skies and beautiful sunsets. The downside is most of the vegetation in the area dies and things get covered in dust. 


Please keep these factors in mind when booking your retreat but either way, Costa Rica is beautiful and comfortable year round!

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