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Since 2014, New Life Ayahuasca has been in service to the ever-growing community of truth seekers.


As the oldest operating Ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise that has enabled us to carefully create a retreat program that encompasses a balance of complimentary healing modalities, time for reflection, and community support. Through the years, we have witnessed incredible transformations through ayahuasca. Our reputation as the highest-rated retreat in Costa Rica is a testament to these life-changing experiences.

Our comprehensive Ayahuasca retreat experience includes traditional ceremonies, group sharing circles, Hatha yoga sessions, therapeutic massage, nutritious meals, beach trips, airport transfers and more. Our intention is to create a safe and supported environment that nurtures honest self-reflection, personal healing, and growth. We believe that the combination of Ayahuasca along with these additional holistic therapies can facilitate deeply transformative experiences.​


We hope you will join us!



Hi! We are Matt and Jeanae, a married couple with over a decade of experience working with plant medicine.


After experiencing our own healing with ayahuasca, we have had the privilege and honor of guiding thousands of people on their own healing journeys. Our values are rooted in the Peruvian Mestizo Ayahuasca traditions and as students of the medicine, we have completed many Master-plant dietas in the Amazon jungle. Through these experiences, we have learned how to create and maintain a safe energetic container while singing traditional medicine songs called Icaros. Together, we can help you access and integrate the profound spiritual experiences and healing that Ayahuasca offers.

New Life Ayahuasca retreat Costa Rica balances comfort and ecological mindfulness, offering an unforgettable experience that honors the earth and rejuvenates the soul.

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Immerse yourself in our gorgeous tropical eco-sanctuary.

Located in one of the 5 Blue Zones of the world, set against a backdrop of breathtaking tropical dry forest, New Life Ayahuasca Costa Rica’s eco retreat invites you to indulge in the simplicity and beauty of nature.

​The Ayahuasca Costa Rica retreat facility was designed to blend into the environment that surrounds it. Each of our 10 cabinas were built with wood harvested directly from the 9-acre property. Our pool and cool water jacuzzi are nestled amongst local flora and fauna. We receive regular visits from macaws, howler monkeys, coatis, and iguanas.

The retreat at New Life Ayahuasca Costa Rica is a testament to the harmonious coexistence between comfort and ecological mindfulness, offering an unforgettable experience that honors the earth and rejuvenates the soul.

Experience a complete retreat and self-discovery opportunity at Ayahuasca Retreat Costa Rica. Discover inner peace and serenity at our exceptional retreat center for Ayahuasca in Costa Rica.



Matthew and Jeanae have been working with plant medicine since 2014. They met through ceremonial work and it has been the foundation of their growing love ever since.

Together they have been trained through a powerful lineage of healers in the Peruvian Mestizo traditions going back generations. Matthew and Jeanae are deeply dedicated to their path and continue to grow in their work by traveling to the Amazon every year and completing master plant dietas. These dietas allow them to connect with the great spirits and receive insightful teachings and medicine songs called Icaros. They use these tools and songs in the ceremonies to guide the participants through the Ayahuasca experience.

Matthew possesses a strong intuition and is highly sensitive to energetic subtleties. These skills allow him to adapt the songs of the ceremony to meet the energy needs of the room. Jeanae has a very gentle and nurturing energy. Her singing and flute playing invite softness into the space. Matthew brings a grounded masculine energy while Jeanae brings a motherly feminine energy, creating a perfect balance and play between the two polarities.

To provide responsible ceremonies, we limit our Ayahuasca retreat size to 14 participants so that the energetic space is maintained with respect to each individual's experience. We offer our ayahuasca Costa Rica retreat ceremonies in darkness, promoting an inward journey to heal the soul. Jeanae and Matthew are passionate about this work and lead each ceremony with love, compassion, and a desire to share the beauty of the sacred medicine with all who seek healing.

Join us at New Life Ayahuasca Costa Rica Retreat for traditional ayahuasca ceremonies. It's an opportunity to deeply connect with yourself and heal in a serene environment

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From the moment you arrive, we do all we can to make the Ayahuasca retreat Costa Rica feel warm and welcoming. We dedicate ourselves to helping our guests find a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. Ayahuasca can be a powerful tool for transformation, and it is our honor to share this medicine with others.


We limit space in every Ayahuasca retreat to 14 participants.


Keeping the groups intimate ensures that we are able to provide everyone with individualized attention and create an atmosphere that feels like family. We also keep our groups small to ensure that we can manage the energetic container of each ceremony. Our retreats have a minimum of 4 facilitators: Our Ayahuasqueros Matthew and Jeanae, who lead the ceremony along with 2 additional helpers: one female to assist the women and a male to assist the men.

The Ayahuasca Costa Rica experience can bring up intense emotions and revelations. This often includes releasing traumas and confronting issues from the past. We want every guest to be able to truly get to know one another, share these intimate moments and forge bonds that will last lifetimes. By the end of the retreat, we are humbled to see the transformation of 14 strangers into a beautiful family built on unconditional love and respect.

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Attending an Ayahuasca Costa Rica retreat is a journey of healing, an investment in not only oneself but in humanity as a collective whole. It allows us to release what no longer serves us, leading us down a life-path illuminated by self-love, respect, and harmonious living with nature. By having the courage to heal ourselves, we take control of the one aspect of life that is truly within our power. Through this healing process, we become an inspiration for others on their own journeys and as we work to align with the highest version of ourselves; we ripple the energy of healing, self-acceptance, and self-love to all those that surround us. When we live by example, healing traumas and breaking family cycles, the effects are transferred through generations to come. By taking the step to confront our own suffering, we contribute to a collective shift in consciousness toward a more compassionate, connected, and enlightened existence for all.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

– Gandhi

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