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Jeanae is a co-owner of New Life Ayahuasca. She was introduced to plant medicine in 2014 when she used ibogaine to address a 5-year long opiate dependency. Shortly after that, she drank ayahuasca for the first time and has been on a journey to self-improvement every since. She has completed a number of  master plant dietas. Jeanae is our web manager, yoga instructor, cook and ceremonial assistant.


Matthew is a co-owner and our ayahuasquero. His introduction to plant medicine was documented on HBO's VICE in 2011 when he underwent his first ibogaine treatment. Then, in 2013 he participated in ayahuasca ceremonies and felt an instant connection to the medicine. Since 2015 he has been training in Peru completing many master plant dietas to learn the traditions of ayahuasca use. Matt leads all our ayahuasca ceremonies.


Jason is our general assistant. As a military veteran, he first drank ayahuasca at a retreat with us in 2016 to address ongoing PTSD. He felt called to pursue the path further and in 2017 he went to Peru, and drank in the Amazon jungle. In 2018 he returned again to New Life Ayahuasca. Since then he has been on a path of self-discovery, traveling the world and trying to make each day count. He joined our team in October 2020. Jason assists in the ceremonies..



Micro, the retreat cat, fills a number of roles. She is an emotional support animal and ceremonial protector. She guards the premier of the property and sometimes brings us gifts. She's a unique cat that intuitively offers her comfort and support to those who need it. She adapted to being around ceremonies quickly, with an obvious sense of their importance and we're happy to have her feminine and feline energy at the retreat.

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