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New Life Ayahuasca was created in 2014 by Matthew and Jeanae. Through the power of plant medicine, both Matthew and Jeanae were able to completely transform their lives. It is with a deep and humble respect for sacred plant medicine that the vision of New Life Ayahuasca was born.

NLA was founded by Matt and Jeanae, whom both came to Costa Rica to receive ibogaine treatment for opiate dependency. After their treatments, they rededicated their lives to helping others and exploring the healing powers of plant medicine. After ibogaine, they continued their journey of personal healing by participating in ayahuasca ceremonies. Changed by the powerful medicine, they continued to participate and assist in ayahuasca ceremonies. Seeing the trans-formative power ayahuasca has, they pursued their dream of opening an ayahuasca retreat facility.

Aerial View from Beach in Costa Rica at the Caribbean between Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo.


Costa Rica has the perfect weather and laid-back atmosphere for an individual seeking to expand and enhance their spirituality and connections to life.

We are located in a small beach town just outside Tamarindo, Guanacaste.  Our facility is uniquely designed, less than 1 mile to beautiful Costa Rican beaches.

We provide complimentary airport pickup and drop off at designated times from the airport to make your transition into the retreat stress free.

ayahuasquero costa rica


Owner - Ayahuasquero

Mat leads the ceremonies for all our retreats, he has been training since 2016 under the guidance of Don Ron Wheelock in Iquitos, Peru

Our staff is here to support you in any way we can. Ayahuasca has played an instrumental role in each of our lives helping guide us toward healthier lifestyles choices both physically and emotionally. It is with continued gratitude, passion and respect for ayahuasca that we facilitate retreats in Costa Rica, hoping that we can assist others in their own journeys to experience the trans formative power of sacred medicine ayahuasca.

Matthew and Jeanae are founders of NLA and live on site. They are assisted during retreats by Jason.

yoga instructor costa rica


Owner - Yoga Instructor

Jeanae leads our yoga classes, prepares all the food for the and is our Kambo practitioner. She also sits in ceremony to assist Matt.

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