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Luxury Ayahuasca Retreat Costa Rica


Luxury is the antithesis of ayahuasca. Ayahuasca teaches us humility, simplicity, connection to nature and to appreciate the little things in life that we often take for granted. These non-tangible connections/experiences/moments are what offer true happiness and joy in life. Luxury does not factor into that equation. As we all well know, money cannot buy happiness.

When we think of ‘luxury’ things like excess, extravagance, unnecessary expense, comfort, and pampering to come mind. Ayahuasca teaches us to value the opposite of those things. Healing does not come from a place of comfort or the pursuit of material things. Ayahuasca experiences push us to the edge and then beyond our comfort zones, stripping us down to a raw and authentic self. This ego shattering experience is part of the growth process. It allows us to reflect on life’s struggles and see them from a different perspective. Ayahuasca helps us find a harmonious co-existence with mother earth and a loving acceptance of one’s spirit and being. That is where you will find peace.

Yet with the rise in popularity of Ayahuasca, many retreats have opened to cater specifically to the wealthy, promising a holistic healing experience from the comfort of a 5-start resort with a price tag upward of $7000. It seems opposing not only in ideology but in practice, considering the indigenous roots of ayahuasca. It is not hard to imagine what the indigenous people of the Amazon must think of Westerners running off to their luxury resort to have an ‘authentic ayahuasca experience.’

Unfortunately, we turned into one of those retreats. For 8 years we rented and worked in a humble but comfortable home with basic amenities. It was steps above a hut in the jungle but a far cry for plush accommodations and stem cell treatments. Then, due to circumstances beyond our control, we were pushed to leave our little retreat and searched high and low for a new place to call home. Finding a 10 plus bedroom place in Costa Rica with an affordable rental price, enough privacy and a ceremonial space is not an easy feat. Through what felt like divine intervention, we connected with a retreat that checked all the boxes, so we signed a contract and jumped in. While we never increased our prices anywhere near what other ‘luxury ayahuasca retreats’ we still found ourselves hosting in a place that felt way too ‘nice’ and didn’t quite align with our values of simplicity, honoring nature and getting back to the roots of our ancestors.

Still, we felt we ended up there for a reason, our guests were happy and we were still able to keep our pricing under $4000, less than most of the retreats in Costa Rica, so we justified it to ourselves and persisted. The one thing that was non-negotiable for us was the need to build a separate and designated ceremonial space, to which the owner agreed. Yet, after months of planning, the owner pulled out of the agreement at the last moment. While it felt devastating at the time, we know that all things happen for a reason and was trusted that ayahuasca would guide us where we were meant to be. After spending 3 months in the jungles of Peru, we came to the realization that we had to base our decisions on the integrity of our values and our business, even at risk of failure, so we decided to leave that retreat.

The universe, in all its magic, came through for us and we were able to find a much more ayahuasca apporpriate facility, not only in layout but in energy. Moving to the new space felt like a warm embrace from ayahuasca, a comfort of ‘coming home’.

We had many lovely ceremonies and had so many beautiful people come through the retreat during our year of luxury, and that’s not to say that healing can happen in that setting. But there is definitely a disconnect, a dissonance to the experience and while guests were happy with the location, many gave feedback that it did not harmonize well with ayahuasca. We’ve lived months in Peru in a hut with no electricity and we’ve hosted retreats in a super luxurious location. All this is to say, we’ve learned a very valuable lesson. and can definitively say that luxury does not belong in the ayahuasca experience.


Powerful ayahuasca ceremonies expertly led by traditionally trained facilitators.

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Stress-free transition to the retreat with LIR Airport Transfers at designated times.


Hatha Yoga Sessions suitable for all levels are offered on each ceremony day.

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Beach Trips

Located in on the Pacific Coast, we visit one of Costa Rica's gorgeous beaches.


With a maximum of 14 participants per group,  we can offer individual support.


Nutritious and flavorful meals are provided using local fruits and vegetables.



All-inclusive ayahuasca Costa Rica retreats are offered year-round in our eco-conscious tropical oasis.

Check our Calendar to find the retreat that fits best for you.






Located in one of the 5 Blue Zones of the world, set against a backdrop of breathtaking tropical dry forest, New Life Ayahuasca Costa Rica’s eco cabinas invite you to indulge in the beauty and simplicity of nature.

​The ayahuasca Costa Rica retreat facility was designed to blend into the environment that surrounds it. Each of our 10 cabins was built with wood harvested directly from the 9-acre property. Our pool and cool water jacuzzi are nestled amongst local flora and fauna. We receive regular visits from macaws, howler monkeys, caotis, and iguanas.

The retreat at New Life Ayahuasca Costa Rica is a testament to the harmonious coexistence between comfort and ecological mindfulness, offering an unforgettable experience that honors the earth and rejuvenates the soul.




Matthew and I have been partners in this work since 2014.


Everything in our lives has been shaped by Ayahuasca. Not only did she lift us up in our darkest moments after years of battling addiction, but she gave us the purest gift of love in finding each other.


We've had our share of ups and downs. Things haven't always been easy. It's been a long road and we've had to navigate many personal and professional challenges over the years. But at the end of the day, ayahuasca has helped us cultivate a deep love rooted in mutual respect, support, and admiration.


We've turned to her to help us through trials of marriage and personal doubt. It's because of this work that we've been able to grow stronger as individuals and as partners, lovers, and best friends.


We hear all the time from guests that they don't understand how we can do this work, and while we love to help others, the truth is that it's just a happy by-product of helping ourselves. It's our hope that as we continue to heal we are able to better support you in your own healing.


Working with ayahuasca is truly humbling. It's not a responsibility we take lightly. Our program is designed to give you a curated balance of support and space.


Thank you for letting us share the magic.

Why NLA?



The goal of our ceremonies is to create a safe and therapeutic atmosphere that encourages each participant to explore and journey within themselves, to confront the darkness, and embrace the light.  It is only through this duality and embracing all parts of ourselves that we can truly know ourselves and find balance. 

Our ayahuasquero Matthew leads all of our ceremonies. Matthew has been involved with plant medicine since 2011, first with Ibogaine in Mexico on HBO's VICE and then again in Costa Rica. In 2014 he felt called to work more intimately with ayahuasca and started traveling to Peru, completing plant medicine dietas under the guidance of his teacher, famed shaman Don Ron Wheelock.


Matthew has completed many master plant dietas, has facilitated hundreds of ceremonies, and has evolved into a strong and compassionate ceremonial leader. He strives to create a safe healing environment for all our participants.

Our ceremonies are performed in darkness and are guided by Icaros, or medicine songs. Each ceremony begins with cleansing rituals to prepare the space. From there, the night is guided through Matthew's powerful Icaros along accompanied by a variety of other instruments. 


Matthew drinks the brew at every ceremony so he can navigate and guide the energy of the room. Jeanae and a minimum of 2 additional helpers are always there to assist as needed.

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Proper ayahuasca preparation can set you up to get the most benefit during and after an ayahuasca retreat. There are a few steps you can follow that will offer you the most support as you prepare for your ayahuasca retreat and your healing journey.


Ayahuasca Integration is the action that helps maximize the benefits of ayahuasca experiences once you return home. There are a number of tools you can use to help build a foundation on which the growth initiated during the retreat can continue to flourish.



Enhance your life and find balance with a traditional ayahuasca retreat in beautiful Costa Rica. Our all-inclusive programs have been curated to provide authentic ceremonies, yoga, and nature excursions in a uniquely intimate setting. An ayahuasca retreat can bring about intense emotions and revelations that can lead to a better life. The only thing you need is an open mind and the intention to have an experience that can shift your perspective,  enhance your awareness of life and elevate your spirituality.

In more recent years, ayahuasca has been studied for its unique ability to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction. Because of the ways ayahuasca can offer renewed perspectives of life, users are able to see a path forward that had previously been veiled. This shift in mindset provides an opportunity to reflect on past experiences/traumas/histories in a different light and from a place of peace



We have carefully tailored our retreat to provide a memorable and therapeutic experience for all our guests.


It is our highest priority to make you feel comfortable, safe, secure, and supported in our ceremonial environment.

Check out our video testimonials and reviews from past ayahuasca retreat participants.

We hope you will join us soon!


Ayahuasca is safe when used properly, however, there are known risks associated with its use. The primary concern is interactions between ayahuasca and other medications which could have adverse interactions or even result in death. To ensure the safety of all our guests, we require every participant to complete a medical questionnaire prior to booking.


In addition to the screening protocol, our center is equipped with emergency medical equipment such as an AED (automatic electronic defibrillator) and emergency medications. Jeanae and Matthew are certified in CPR and AED use. We always have 2 assistants at every ceremony to respond where needed. 



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