Ibogaine Detox Costa Rica

Does it really work?

Iboga and ibogaine are arguably best known for their capacity in helping combat withdrawal symptoms during opiate detox. There are a lot of centers and articles that boast ibogaine detox’s ability to reset the brain into a ‘pre-addicted state’ and reset the opiate receptors so there is no desire to use drugs after a single treatment. This has made it a very popular tool for those hoping to change their lives and get off drugs for good.

Unfortunately, it's not entirely true. Ibogaine does not reduce cravings for drugs or reset the brain in any capacity. It does, however significantly reduce the symptoms of withdrawal experienced during opiate detox. Ibogaine is the only non-opiate and non-addictive substance in the world that is known to have such an effect on withdrawal and that fact alone makes it worthy of further exploration and utilization in the western world.

While it is true that ibogaine has this unique capability, the capacity of ibogaine in combating withdrawal has been twisted into an addiction ‘cure’. Ibogaine detox is not a cure or a quick fix for any addiction.

Addiction to drugs is an overwhelmingly destructive disease that affects the lives of millions of people. Addictions can, and usually do become all-consuming. All money, time, and energy are put into using and getting more of the drug, leaving no time for family or personal relationships.

New Life Iboga Costa Rica stopped offering ibogaine detox services in 2016 after becoming discouraged by the amount of frustrated and desperate people (usually parents or significant others) contacting us on behalf of a loved one struggling with addiction. It became emotionally draining and disheartening to hear these people – bewitched by the miracle properties of ibogaine boasted by centers driven by profit – thinking they could send their sons, daughters, wives, husbands, and friends for a single week of ibogaine treatment and have them come home fixed, cured, complete – the person they were before drugs entered their lives.

The journey to sobriety is long and hard. The best chances for success include participation in an after-care program. Since we do not have the resources to offer longer stays or have any partnerships with continuing care programs, we feel that an ibogaine detox at our center would not help any participant achieve long term sobriety.


Another factor to consider is the legality of ibogaine detox treatment in Costa Rica. Currently, it is illegal to use iboga or ibogaine in any medical context and a detox is, according to the Costa Rican government, a medical process. In order to use any substance in a medical context, it must be registered with the government and reported. Since ibogaine is unscheduled in Costa Rica, it can not be registered or used in a medical context. 


In 2015 after the death at a facility in Costa rica, many ibogaine Costa Rica centers were shut down due to offering a detox medical treatment with an unapproved substance. Since then, ibogaine can only be offered in a spiritual context without any medical application. If you would like to detox with ibogaine assistance, you must travel to Mexico or another country where it is legal.