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Iboga Psycho-Spiritual Retreat

Today there many people are many people who battle with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or just feel a strong disconnect within themselves. Medications to combat these issues are often over-prescribed and ineffective. Some types of medications prescribed for these issues often leave the user emotionally and/or spiritually numb.


An iboga spiritual retreat can help restore internal balance and offer a renewed vigor and lust for life. In Gabon, where use of iboga originated, bwitists believe that when one undergoes a flood dose (a large yet controlled amount of iboga) the spirit goes through a process of death and re-birth. The symbolic dying allows you to rid yourself of past toxins and traumas. Visions are common during iboga sessions and may offer insights to past patters, behaviors or events creating an understanding and clarity that can help lay the foundation for new life. Iboga psycho-spiritual retreat can help bring out the best version of yourself. Many people value this experience as one of the most profound and beneficial of their lives.

Spiritual Exploration & Personal Development

Some people just feel lost within themselves. There are no severe consequenes in their lives because of this, but there is a constant feeling of ‘something missing’. This type of feeling is prominent in the western world where we are conditioned and taught that money and materialism are they keys to happiness. Although we know this is not true, we don’t know what can remedy this feeling, or lack of feeling inside of us. An iboga retreat can help. The spirit of iboga is a strong, masculine entity capable of teaching profound and intricate lessons. The visions experienced during iboga sessions often incorporate specific elements from your life and may guide you along a story line. In Gabon, bwitists use iboga for ancestral communication. In few cases, ibgoa does not produce visions but provides lessons by other means, such as sudden revelations, feelings of gratitude and self-love. Iboga sessions performed in a ceremonial environment is a spiritual experience that can fill the ‘void’ and create a feeling of wholeness and allow you to be the best person you can be.


Depressions is so common in United States. Most of us have been affected by depression at some point in our lives, or know someone who has. This debilitating illness can prevent one from experiencing the joy of life or even be able to function on daily basis, making life feel like a burden and unmanageable. Western medicine prescribes medications to manage symptoms of this disease instead of treating the illness itself. An iboga retreat can address the root causes of depression. Rather than taking a medication that can dull emotions, iboga can enhance them and create new perceptions of reality and life. The visions experienced during an iboga retreat can drastically change the way an individual may perceive what is real, what is important, what hinders them and what heightens them. The dramatic effect these drastic revelations have on an individuals life is only enhanced by the conversion of ibogaine in the brain to noribogaine, which acts as a natural anti-depressant that can last months after a treatment. The combination of all these effects are what enables ibogaine treatment to so successfully treat depression.

PTSD & Anxiety Disorder

Those suffering from PTSD or Anxiety disorders may find the world to be a difficult and frightening place to live in. These types of disorders can also make life a burden and unmanageable. This is because in many cases, it can seem almost impossible to quite the mind or rid it of fears and insecurities, making social interactions or leaving familiar places of comfort almost impossible. Often these conditions are masked by prescriptions to highly addictive benzodiazepines, but although they may offers some relief to PTSD or anxiety symptoms, they also create a numbness and dullness to life. Many people report a contentedness and calmness after an ibogaine treatment that they once thought was impossible. Iboga is referred to as a plant teacher, and it is often the lessons given during treatment that help contribute to this calming effect. The goal of ibogaine psycho-spiritual therapy is to re instill joy and eliminate fear from daily life.


Please call to find out more about how a psycho-spiritual iboga retreat could benefit you.


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