Our mission is to provide compassionate retreat options to those who are seeking to restore balance to their lives through spiritual and personal healing. Ayahuasca shows us the truth of all things, revealing the light and the dark that exists in each and every one of us. It is through this duality that we can embrace self-love and personal growth.


New Life Ayahuasca offers 5 and 7-day ayahuasca retreat options in beautiful Costa Rica.

We are located in one of the world-famous blue zones, just one mile from the beach.

Our retreats include powerful ayahuasca ceremonies, intimate groups, yoga, delicious vegan meals, and beach trips.


Space is limited to 14 participants in every retreat to ensure we can provide individualized attention and support during such a personal and profound experience.

We hope you will join us.

The Ceremony

Our ceremonies are experetly guided with Icaros by highly skilled and traditionally trained facilitators. We offer a  high participant to facilitator ratio.

Airport Transfers

Pick up and Drop off shuttles are provided from Liberia Airport at designated times. We make the transiation to our facility as easy and seamless as possible. 

Hatha Yoga

Intention based  practices appropriate for all levels that utilize queued breath work with intentional movement sequences. 45 minutes and 15 minutes of meditaiton.

Intimate Groups

Our groups become family. An inimate setting of 14 or less means we can provide indidual attention to every participant both inside and outside the ceremony space.

Beach Trips

Explore some of Costa Rica’s best beaches. Rent a board and get a surf lesson, play in the waves, or walk the expansive sandy coastline peppered with tidepools.

Vegan Meals

An ayahuasca diet full of flavor. All meals are vegan and prepared with locally sourced, fresh fruits and vegetables using moderate amounts of salt and spices.

Fire Cirlce

The heart of the retreat, our fire circle is a social zone and the place where integration starts after each ceremony. Fires are kept every night of the retreat for purification.

Nature Immersion

Our lush tropical jungle sanctuary interacts with the environment around it. Expect visits from a variety of wildlife including Monkeys, Macaws and Iguanas.


Our sacred ceremonial house was designed in the traditional circle shape and is made of natural bamboo materials. Its high ceilings amplify the Icaros songs.

Blue Zone

 We are located in Blue Zone, which is a geographic area that experiences lower reates of chronic diseas and people live longer than anywhere else in the world.

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Matthew has been working with ayahuasca since 2014. He guides each participant through the experience with his Icaros, or medicine songs. Matthew is a highly sensitive and intuitive empath, which makes him skilled at adapting the songs of the ceremony to meet the energy needs of the room. This is why it is so important to keep our ayahuasca retreat intimate so that the energetic space is maintained with respect to each individual's experience. Matthew is supported by his wife, Jeanae, who plays the flute, and two additional helpers.

Our ceremonies are offered in darkness, promoting an inward journey to heal the soul. 

Matthew has facilitated hundreds of ceremonies and leads with compassion, love, and a deep connection to spirit. 

Matthew and Jeanae have been traditionally trained in Iquitos, Peru where they have both completed many master plant dietas.

Matthew’s intentions and passion for his work are unparalleled. There is no question of his integrity or sincerity in his mission to help others and he is a conduit for ayahuascas healing.



We limit space in every ayahuasca retreat to 14 participants. Keeping the groups small and intimate ensures that we are able to provide everyone with individualized attention and create an atmosphere that feels like family.

We also keep our groups small to ensure that we can manage the energetic container of each ceremony. Our retreats will never exceed 14 participants with a minimum of 3 facilitators: Our ayahuasquero Matthew, who leads the ceremony, along with Jeanae and Craig.

We always have one female facilitator to assist the women, while the male facilitator assists the men.

The ayahuasca retreat experience can bring up intense emotions and revelations. This often includes releasing traumas and confronting issues from the past. We want every guest to be able to truly get to know one another, share these intimate moments and forge bonds that will last lifetimes.