Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements COVID-19


Updated January 2021 – Costa Rica is open to all international tourists

The Costa Rican Government is not requiring coronavirus tests as a requirement to enter the country by land crossings or by air, nor has it issued quarantine orders for those entering the country by air or land.

All travelers returning to the United States (including citizens) must obtain a negative test within 72 hours of their return flight. SJO and LIBERIA airports are offering on-site COVID testing. The antigen test results satisfy the requirements for the US, but if you are traveling to a country that requires PCR results you will need to make testing arrangements accordingly.

You must make an appointment for testing at the airport, you can use the following form:


  • Traveler’s Medical Insurance - You are NOT REQUIRED to purchase travel insurance if you have been vaccinated against COVID19. You must show proof of vaccination.


*For other international insurance policies, tourists must request a certification from their insurance company, issued in English or Spanish, verifying at least the following three conditions: policy must explicitly mention coverage for COVID.

  • Effectiveness of the policy for the duration of the visit to Costa Rica.

  • Guaranteed coverage of medical expenses in the event of becoming ill with the pandemic COVID-19 virus while in Costa Rica, for at least USD $50,000 (fifty thousand United States Dollars).

  • Includes minimum coverage of USD $2,000 for lodging expenses issued as a result of the pandemic. 

Passengers who fail to comply with these requirements may not enter the country.


Upon landing in Costa Rican territory, travelers must wear face protection and comply with the strict protocols of the air terminal with regard to physical distancing, disinfection of carpets, and taking temperature readings, and must follow any other sanitary instructions.


To visit our country there are some requirements which must be met.

Remember that:

A return flight ticket is needed when entering Costa Rica. The immigration officer will ask for it upon your arrival.  It is advisable to make a photocopy or take a picture of your passport with the entry stamp to carry at all times during your stay.

  • Your country of origin determines the number of days available to stay in Costa Rica as a tourist.

  • In some cases, the Immigration official may request you show economic solvency for your stay in the country.

  • Even with a 90-day tourist visa, the immigration official determines the duration of your stay as allowed by your passport.


Visitors to Costa Rica must have a valid passport as well as proof of their intent to exit the country before their visa or entry stamp expires, usually within 90 days.

All non-resident travelers must possess a return ticket or a ticket as proof of when they intend to exit the country, commonly referred to as an outbound exit or onward ticket. An onward ticket is required of non-residents who are:

  • Traveling on a one-way ticket

  • Entering the country with a return ticket dated more than 90 days after arrival

  • Flying into Costa Rica and flying out of another country