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Is Ayahuasca Legal in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a popular destination for ayahuasca retreats. The gorgeous country attracts more than 2 million tourists every year. The beautiful tropical landscape combined with the ambiguity of the law regarding ayahuasca has made it a hub for ayahuasca retreat centers.

Due to the high concentration of ayahuasca retreats available, many assume ayahuasca is legal in Costa Rica. The truth is that ayahuasca is neither legal nor illegal - it is unscheduled. Basically what that means is that there are no laws regulating the use of ayahuasca in Costa Rica.  This gives ayahuasca retreat centers in Costa Rica the freedom to operate without fear of prosecution. With the growing awareness of the therapeutic application of plant medicine, we hope to see Costa Rica adopt a fully legal status for ayahuasca and other plant medicines in the near future.


The legality of ayahuasca in other locations depends on the country and local laws. In the US, ayahuasca is illegal under Federal Law with the Controlled Substances Act, which lists DMT, the active component of Ayahuasca, as a Schedule 1 Substance. Despite this, many local and state governments have decriminalized the personal use of ayahuasca. The benefits of psychedelic therapy are gaining traction and a direct link is being formed between ayahuasca use and higher quality of life, so it's likely we will continue to see more local governments adopt favorable policies for psychedelic use.

There are many countries through Central and South American, where ayahuasca is completely Legal. This is because ayahuasca use originates in the Amazon, and the cultures have incorporated ceremonies for hundreds of years knowing the benefits of the medicine intimately.

Like the United States, there are many other countries in which ayahuasca is completely illegal to possess, consume, transport, or distribute.

Countries where Ayahuasca is ILLEGAL:











Countires where Ayahuasca is LEGAL:

  • PERU







Countries where Ayahuasca is Decriminalized or Controlled:






Countries where Ayahuasca is Unregulated or Status Unknown:





So, if ayahuasca is illegal in the United States, how are there ceremonies and retreats available in the US? The answer is sort of complex, but most organizations will claim they have protection under the religious freedom act. In 1999 a Brilian Sect called the UDV was charged with importing ayahuasca into the United States. They fought the charge siting religious use, and the case made it all the way to the supreme court where they ruled in favor of the UDV in 2006.

Since this case set a precedent for all cases to follow, many ‘churches’ have popped up around the United States claiming to use ayahuasca as a sacrament and therefore gain protection under Religious Freedom. Legally though, that may not be the case.

With the recent study of the therapeutic use of ayahuasca combined with the decriminalization of psychedelics in a growing number of cities across the US, it seems ayahuasca has become a very low priority of law enforcement, even if it is still technically illegal and punishable by federal law in the United States.


SINCE 2014

Sharing the magic of this medicine is a great honor and a great responsibility. Ayahuasca has been the catalyst for every great transformation in our lives, and we are committed to guiding others on their journey to healing. We accept people from all walks of life in a non-judgmental environment. 


As individuals who have had trauma experiences, we understand the importance of having a safe space that encourages vulnerability for authentic self-reflection and discovery. Healing can be painful, and we are here to support our guests so that they feel seen and held throughout the process.


For more than a decade, we have committed ourselves to this path, and we respect the Peruvian Mestizo traditions that have been handed down from our teacher and his teacher before him. As part of that tradition, we complete master plant dietas that give us the tools necessary to create a protected sacred ceremonial space.


We hope to help you find a renewed sense of peace and joy in your life as you embark on a beautiful journey to uncover your full potential.



Matthew and I have been partners in this work for over a decade. Plant medicine brought us together in 2014 and we've been dedicated to this path ever since. Everything in our lives has been shaped by Ayahuasca. Not only did she lift us from our darkest moments after years of battling addiction, but she gave us the purest gift of love in finding each other.


We've had our share of ups and downs. Things haven't always been easy. It's been a long road and we've had to navigate many personal and professional challenges over the years. But at the end of the day, ayahuasca has helped us cultivate a deep love rooted in mutual respect, support, and admiration. We've turned to her to help us through trials of marriage and personal doubt. It's because of this work that we've been able to grow stronger as individuals and as partners, lovers, and best friends.


We hear all the time from guests that they don't understand how we can do this work, and while we love to help others, the truth is that it's just a happy by-product of helping ourselves. It's our hope that as we continue to heal, we are able to better support you in your own healing.


Working with ayahuasca is truly humbling. It's not a responsibility we take lightly. Our ayahuasca retreat Costa Rica program is designed to give you a curated balance of support and space.


Thank you for letting us share the magic.

Ayahuasca Costa Rica has been a gift to us through the years and we will forever be indebted for all the gifs we have received.

ayahuasca retreat shaman matthew and jeanae in the maloca


Matt and Jeanae have been working with plant medicine since 2014. It was through ceremonial work that they met and where their love was forged.

Together they have been trained through a powerful lineage of healers in the Peruvian Mestizo traditions going back generations. Matthew and Jeanae are deeply dedicated to their path and continue to grow in their work by traveling to the Amazon every year and completing master plant dietas. These dietas allow them to connect with the great spirits and receive insightful teachings and medicine songs called Icaros. They use these tools and songs in the ceremonies to guide the participants through the ayahuasca experience.

Matthew possesses a strong intuition and is highly sensitive to energetic subtleties. These skills allow him to adapt the songs of the ceremony to meet the energy needs of the room. Jeanae has a very gentle and nurturing energy. Her singing and flute playing invite softness into the space. Matthew brings a grounded masculine energy while Jeanae brings a motherly feminine energy, creating a perfect balance and play between the two polarities.

To provide responsible ceremonies, we limit our ayahuasca retreat size to 14 participants so that the energetic space is maintained with respect to each individual's experience. We offer our ayahuasca Costa Rica retreat ceremonies in darkness, promoting an inward journey to heal the soul. Jeanae and Matthew are passionate about this work and lead each ceremony with love, compassion, and a desire to share the beauty of the sacred medicine with all who seek healing.



Blue Zones are geographical areas where populations have longer life spans and lower rates of disease that the rest of the world. There are only 5 of these regions globally and we are in one! Some of the factors credited to the longevity of life in these regions are an active lifestyle and a connection to the environment and community. We can learn a lot by observing our routines and being aware of the impact our consumption has on the earth.

At our eco-retreat we are intentional about the relationship we have with the natural world. Ayahuasca, a medicine from the earth, teaches us to value the resources we have and the gifts the earth provides. While we offer the comforts of air-conditioning and a pool, we do all we can to minimize our impact on the local ecosystem by utilizing recycling practices, turning off lights and A/C when not in use and utilizing natural building materials wherever possible.

An ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica is the perfect place to begin to deepen your connection the natural world as you deepen your connection to self. She acts a s bridge between worlds, both the physical to spiritual and the modern to our ancestors. Through this reflection we see that we are connected, all as one.

Discover our healing Ayahuasca Costa Rica retreat at our ecosactuary oasis.

topical ayahuascca retreat with people in pool with palm trees


Your physical and emotional safety are our highest priority.


While ayahuasca is safe when used properly, there are a few medical conditions and medications that are contraindicated with ayahuasca. Every participant is asked to complete a medical questionnaire over the phone to ensure the safety of our ayahuasca retreats. In case of emergency, Matt and Jeanae are certified in CPR and have training with the use of our AED (Automated External Defibrillator). We are 25 minutes from a medical center. 

Our small groups enable us to provide quality service and attention to every guest. Each ceremony is supported by 4 team members : Our ayahuasqueros, Matthew and Jeanae, who drink ayahuasca with each group to help guide the experience and 2 additional helpers, who do not drink during the ceremony and are there to assist any participant that may require attention. A male responds to the men and a female responds to the women, ensuring that everyone feels safe and comfortable during such a vulnerable and emotional experience.

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