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New Life Retreat is a place of ayahuasca healing and transformation for those seeking to deepen their spiritual journey and connection to their inner self. Our guides have been traditionally trained to provide safe and supportive therapeutic ayahuasca healing ceremonies to help release traumas and discover new perspectives and embrace a new way of life.

How do we heal? Those seeking healing can find relief from pain, depression, anxiety, and PTSD at an ayahuasca healing retreat.  Our retreat is located on the tropical Pacific coast just a few miles from the beach. Costa Rica is an incredibly beautiful country and offers nature therapy as well as a laid-back atmosphere that promotes tranquility and gratitude. It is the perfect place to embark on your ayahuasca healing journey. 


Powerful ayahuasca ceremonies expertly led by traditionally trained facilitators.

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Stress-free transition to the retreat with SJO Airport Transfers at designated times.


Hatha Yoga Sessions suitable for all levels are offered on each ceremony day.

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Beach Trips

Located in on the Pacific Coast, we visit one of Costa Rica's gorgeous beaches.


With a maximum of 14 participants per group,  we can offer individual support.


Nutritious and flavorful meals are provided using local fruits and vegetables.



Hello! We are Jeanae and Matthew, the owners of New Life Ayahuasca. We are a married couple who found ourselves (and each other!) through plant medicine.

We both come from backgrounds of trauma,  depression, substance abuse, and hopelessness. With the guidance of plant medicines, we slowly began the lifelong journey of healing.

It was through the wisdom of ayahuasca that we were able to transform our lives. We were able to tap into our internal intuition, find our strength and see life from a fresh perspective. It is with humble gratitude that we provide a retreat experience for others so that they too may find balance, healing, and self-love.


Since 2015 we have been fully immersed in our work, not only in an effort to help others but to continue to heal ourselves. We created our retreats with an emphasis on tradition, intention, reciprocity, inclusivity, safety, and respect.


Your physical and emotional safety are our highest priority.


While ayahuasca is generally considered very safe when used properly, there are a few medical conditions as well as medications that are contraindicated with ayahuasca. During the booking process you will be asked to complete a brief medical questionnaire over the phone to ensure that you can safely participate in an ayahuasca retreat. In case of emergency, both Matt and Jeanae are certified in CPR and are trained with the use of our AED (Automated External Defibrillator). 

Our small groups ensure that we can provide quality service and attention to each guest. Every ceremony is supported by 3 of our staff : Our ayahuasqueros, Matthew and Jeanae, who drink ayahuasca with each group at every ceremony to help guide the experience through Icaros and 2 additional support staff who do not drink during the ceremony and are there only to assist or help any participant that may require attention. A male responds to the men and a female responds to the women ensuring that everyone feels safe and comfortable during such a vulnerable and emotional experience.



A warm and welcoming enviornment for all.

Ayahuasca retreats can be beneficial for all people. Ayahuasca does not see race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

Regardless of an individual's background, an ayahuasca experience can bring about intense emotions and revelations that can lead to a better life. The only thing you need is an open mind and the desire to have an experience that can enhance your spirituality and awareness of life and all that surrounds us.

At New Life Ayahuasca, all are welcome. We embrace each individual, appreciating the things that make us unique but understanding we all are one. It is our promise to provide an equal, compassionate and therapeutic environment for every guest that comes to our center.


Ayahuasca has been traditionally used by the indigenous people of the Amazon basin for thousands of years. We were trained in the Mestizo Peruvian tradition and aim to respect and honor those traditions through our ceremonies. Since 2015 our ayahuasqueros Matthew and Jeanae have been traveling to Iquitos, Peru multiple times a year to complete master plant dietas under the guidance of their teacher, famed shaman Don Ron Wheelcock.

During the ayahuasca ceremonies, Matthew and Jeanae sing traditional medicine songs, called Icaros. Some of the Icaros are generational, having been passed down from teacher to student. Other Icaros come from the plants themselves, sacred gifts of the jungle.


ayahausca intention


What drives the experience

Our intention is to share the magic of ayahuasca by creating a safe and sacred space where our guests can explore the depths of their soul. We honor the gravity of the trust that is placed in us by every participant that chooses our retreat.

Working with ayahuasca has been a humbling experience over the years, and it is not without immense gratitude that we continue to host these retreats. It is not easy work. We sacrifice a lot of ourselves in service to ayahuasca and helping others, but it is not without the reward of healing ourselves and developing lifelong friendships.

Ayahuasca was the light at the end of the tunnel in the darkest times of our lives. We are truly indebted to plant medicine for giving us all that we have, including each other.



Our promise is to treat every guest compassionately and professionally.

From the moment you arrive, you will be greeted with warmth and attentiveness, creating a space where trust and vulnerability can flourish. Our commitment to your healing and personal growth is unwavering, and we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, knowing that you are in the hands of professionals who value your well-being above all else. Respect for each participant's process, privacy, and values is always upheld to the highest standard. 

New Life Ayahuasca Costa Rica is an intimate wellness center hosting groups of no more than 14 participants per retreat. With over 200 5-star reviews and testimonials, our commitment and dedication to guest satisfaction is clear.

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